Nobody said training for the sport of boxing is easy! If it were, it wouldnt be effective. But, Demarcos Boxing Gym succeeds where traditional gyms fail, because we make training fun. When you enjoy what you are doing, reaching goals will always seem easier. The time, calories and stress of your day disappear, round-by-round. After an hour, you will leave physically exhausted but mentally refreshed.

Forget running on a machine. Forget Simon-Says aerobics classes. Forget monotonous free-weights and machines. And forget the fashion-show drama of the franchise gyms where they have more mirrors than members. We will train your mind, your reflexes, and your muscles to be fit and fast. A trim physique and self-confidence are inevitable side effects of a balanced workout.


     Personal Trainer

     Nick Demarco


Where you will train like a pro, acquire basic boxing skills and torch serious calories. Classes are led by different trainers and no two classes are alike. From jumping rope, ring work, one on one pad work, and lots of bag work.

This one hour class is crammed with numerous types of workouts that will PUSH YOU TO YOUR LIMIT AND CREATE RESULTS

Kickboxing, cardio drills, plyometrics, circuit training, free weights, abs.

First of all, YOU WON'T BE GETTING HIT! We provide a limited amount of gear you can borrow (gloves, wraps, jump ropes) Feel free to borrow gear, but we recommend you should get your own eventually. Read More

Where your child will train like a future champ, meet new people, and learn discipline.
Classes are led by our friendly trainers.